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Catalyst Progress Tracking Tool

May 03, 2021
ErinoakKids now has a new online tool called Catalyst for parents and guardians of children and youth enrolled in Autism Services to track their child/youth's progress. During each therapy session,* ErinoakKids’ Behavior Clinicians collect data related to each child/youth’s specified goals and input that data into the child/youth’s Catalyst account. Parents/guardians can sign up for a free Catalyst account and log in to track their child/youth's progress. The information is updated after every session, and is available in graph form, so it’s easy to see a picture of how progress is being made over various sessions.

Visit the Catalyst page to learn more about this tool and to watch videos on how to use Catalyst.

*Please note that service packages for Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy are not able to be tracked through Catalyst at this time.

Did you know?

Did you know that children who are blind learn about the parts of objects first because that is what they feel with their hands as they explore?  Children who are able to see learn about an object, such as a chair, then learn about the parts of the object, such as the seat, back and legs.

Learn about Vision Services at ErinoakKids
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