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ErinoakKids Players to bring a modern Snow White to the stage

May 09, 2014
(Mississauga ON) – A cast of 13 young people with disabilities and special needs will demonstrate their dramatic skills when the ErinoakKids Players present Snow White’s Ever After on stage at Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Mississauga on June 2.

Due to mobility, developmental and speech challenges, children and youth with disabilities and special needs are rarely given the opportunity to join school or community drama productions. The innovative drama program at ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development helps fill this gap by providing a creative outlet that complements and enhances the therapy and support provided at the Centre. The program received a Mississauga Arts Council Marty Award for Emerging Performing Arts Group in 2005.
The ErinoakKids drama program is offered in partnership with DramaWay, a community organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities through the creative arts.
“Drama has the power to teach a wide array of skills that help these young people work towards reaching their potential,” says Danielle Strnad, Drama Facilitator at ErinoakKids and Founder and Artistic Director of DramaWay. “They learn physical, facial and verbal communication, focus and concentration, and it’s wonderful to watch their confidence blossom and see them at their best.”
Snow White’s Ever After, co-written and co-adapted by Strnad and the DramaWay staff, is a sequel to the classic Brothers Grimm story and features a modern environmental message. The play’s cast of ErinoakKids clients will be supported by a backstage crew that includes 16 volunteers from the drama program who have been working with the youth since last September on a weekly basis. As well, music producer Orin Isaacs volunteered his time to remix a song in the show.
Start time is 7:00 p.m. and tickets are available at the door on a donation basis. Attendees are invited to give a cash donation of $5 per person or more.
About ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development is Ontario’s largest children’s treatment centre, serving more than 14,500 children and youth annually who have physical and developmental disabilities, autism, communication disorders, as well as children who are blind and/or deaf. Our mission is to help our clients achieve optimal levels of independence, learning, health and well-being. We serve Halton, Peel, Dufferin — and, for some services — Waterloo and Wellington. ErinoakKids has approximately 600 staff and 10 sites from which we provide a comprehensive array of assessment, medical, therapy and support services that help children and their families. In 2011 the Ministry of Children and Youth Services approved a redevelopment project to enable ErinoakKids to consolidate its current facilities into three larger sites which will be ideally situated for easy access within our catchment area, and designed specifically for the care of children and youth with special needs. The new facilities are expected to open in 2017. For more information about ErinoakKids please visit
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Liz Leake, Director of Communications
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
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