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Therapeutic Riding

Ashburn – Stables at WindReach Farms 905-655-5827
Brampton/Caledon – Caledon Equestrian School 905-584-2022
Caledon – The Equine Connection 647-237-3485
Guelph – Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre 519-837-0558
Hamilton – T.E.A.D 905-679-8323
Kitchener – CODRP / Pride Stables 519-653-4686
Milton – Windrush Stable and Therapeutic Riding Centre 905-854-6008
Orangeville – EQUUS 3D 519-940-0048
Toronto – C.A.R.D 416-667-8600
Newmarket – Horses at Heart – The Horse Boy Method Program (for children with ASD) 905-898-1530

Did you know?

Did you know that the three smallest bones in the human body are in the ear and are called the stapes (stirrup), incus (anvil) and malleus (hammer)? The stapes is the smallest of the three bones, and is just 3.3 millimetres long in the average person. It is a tiny stirrup-shaped bone, and is known as the "stirrup." It is also the lightest bone in the body.

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