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Parking at the new sites

Ample parking will be available at our new sites at a nominal cost for all staff, visitors and families. Since ErinoakKids will now own these new facilities, a nominal fee is required to allow for the safe operation, proper maintenance and upkeep of these new parking areas.

While we recognize this is a shift from current practices, we are committed to minimizing the financial impact on client families. Therefore, ErinoakKids will offer a number of parking options, aligned with the provincial government’s mandated guidelines for Ontario hospitals. These guidelines ensure we provide equitable pricing for all families, with options to best suit your needs and your child’s treatment schedule. These options will include a free drop-off area, short term (hourly) parking, and affordable long-term parking, including a multi-visit pass for families visiting regularly and accessing more than one of our locations.  The chart below provides an overview of our parking options and associated fees.

Parking Fee Structure

Posted Rates Multi-Visit Passes
Available to clients and staff only
Monthly Rates (Consecutive)
Available to clients and staff only

60 mins = $4.50
60-90 mins = $6.75
90-120 mins = $9.00
120-180 mins = $13.50
180+ mins = $15.00
5-visit Pass = $25
10-visit Pass = $50
30-visit Pass = $150
Monthly Pass = $50

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are parking rates at all three sites the same?
Yes, all three sites will have the same parking fee structure.
2. Can I use the same multi-visit pass or monthly pass at all three sites?
Yes, these passes can be used at any of our sites.
3. How will families/visitors pay for parking?
We have not yet finalized the payment process for families and visitors and are continuing to work with a parking management company, Precise Park Link. Stay tuned for details in the coming months.
4. What are the parking options?
Visitors, families and staff will be able to pay a posted rate or purchase a multi-visit or monthly pass (see above). If you are visiting our sites for less than 20 minutes, you will not have to pay to park.
5. Will volunteers pay to park?
No. Volunteers will not pay to park.
6. Will students pay to park?
Yes, students will pay to park.
7. Will staff pay to park?
Yes, staff will pay to park.
8. Will I be able to drop off or pick up my child without paying to park?
Yes. You can use the designated drop-off area at the front of the building to drop off your child without incurring a parking fee. If you plan to be at our sites for 20 minutes or less, you will not have to pay to park.
9. Are the new sites on transit routes?
Yes. All three sites are on transit routes.
10. Why is there paid parking at the new sites, but not at the current sites?
When we move to our new sites, there will be additional costs associated with operating and maintaining the parking lots that we do not incur at our current rented locations. These parking fees will cover only the costs required to maintain the parking lots.
11. Do these fees include taxes?
12. Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?
Please email us at info@erinoakkids

Last Modified: 9/14/2017 12:16:07 PM
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