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ErinoakKids launches a new and improved way of providing services to clients and families

May 23, 2011
July 4, 2011

To help serve clients and families better, ErinoakKids has implemented a new family-centred system of integrated services for all children referred to ErinoakKids. The overall goal of integrating services is to ensure that when a child comes to ErinoakKids he or she will have access to the appropriate range of services, based upon identified needs, and is not limited by a particular program’s established focus or internal silos.

Over the past two years, families, community partners and staff were engaged in focus groups as part of the extensive research in planning for the development, testing and refinement of the new system of integrated services. ErinoakKids will continue to evaluate and refine the way we deliver services to clients and families.

Key elements of the new way services are delivered include:

  • a centralized intake service where all new referrals are received and processed
  • all clients will have lead clinical professionals assigned to them whose role is to co-ordinate the client’s service plan, function as the key contact with the family concerning clinical service needs, and facilitate communication with both internal and external service providers
  • each of our clinical service locations have a service navigation professional available to assist families who have complex needs, require multiple services and need assistance with navigating the service system. Service navigation professionals can also assist families with accessing funding resources, respite, additional ErinoakKids services and other community supports
  • ErinoakKids will continue to provide a broad range of services for children in a variety of formats including individual, group and clinic models. Our philosophy encourages community inclusion and involvement as part of the supports provided to clients and families.
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Did you know that a child responds to his or her name by about nine months of age?

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