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Health Records

Accessing your information

By law, clients are entitled to access the personal health information that ErinoakKids holds on them. Requests concerning mental health records may be subject to approval by the health-care provider.

To access your information, in accordance with legal requirements, ErinoakKids requires that clients or parents/guardians download and submit a Request for Access to Information and Correction Form. All requests must be made in writing. To protect your privacy, we do not accept telephone or email requests for personal health information.  

 Request for Access to Information and Correction Form

Please mail the completed form to us at the address below.

There may be an administrative charge for release of information. The fee for copying varies with the size of the record. Please see the fees section below. Pre-payment is required before your health record can be accessed. 

Consenting to disclose your health information to another service provider

In the course of treatment, you may decide you would like ErinoakKids to share personal health information with another health-care provider. We will need your written consent to do this. Please download and complete a Consent for Disclosure Form.

Consent for Disclosure Form

If the client is 16 years of age or older, and capable of consenting, the form must be signed by the client. If the client is under the age of 16, they can consent to disclosing their information unless they are not capable of making that decision, in which case parents or legal guardians may sign on their behalf. If there is a disagreement between the child and the parent or legal guardian with respect to consent, the capable child’s decision prevails.  

When completing the form, please ask someone to witness your signature. This person will also sign the form, to verify that the signature is indeed yours. 

Please note that our Health Records department is unable to review or advise upon personal health records. If you need clarification of the content of the records, please consult your health-care provider.

Please mail the completed form to us at the address below.


*There is no fee for health-care providers

ErinoakKids Clients/Guardian

No charge for the first 10 pages per year, 11-50 pages - $30.00 + HST.
>50 pages - $30.00 then $0.50 per page after 50 + HST

Lawyers, Insurance and Research requests

No charge for the first 10 pages per year, 11-50 pages - $30.00 + HST.
>50 pages - $30.00 then $0.50 per page after 50 + HST

Medical Legal Reports

$150 + HST per report

For more information about these fees, please contact the Health Records Administrator at ErinoakKids.

Contact us

Completed forms can be mailed to:

ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
Health Records Department
10145 McVean Dr.
Brampton, ON, L6P 4K7

For your security, we do not use email or telephone for specific requests or enquiries about patient information.

If you have any questions, you can telephone our Health Records department at 905-855-2690 (toll free 1-877-374-6625) extension 2737.