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Oakville real estate team donates $5,000 for children with disabilities

September 04, 2013
OAKVILLE – Scott Benson’s volunteer experience of more than 20 years ago translated into a $5,000 donation today to ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development — with more to come. The Oakville realtor and his team at Sutton Group Quantum Realty plan to donate $10,000 this year to support ErinoakKids in its work with local children with disabilities.

For the kids – Oakville realtor Scott Benson, centre, affirms his commitment to helping kids with disabilities by presenting a cheque for $5,000 to ErinoakKids at his Oakville realty office. From left: Shelley Maynard and Marilyn Campbell Davis of ErinoakKids, Scott Benson and his team members Lynn Still, Chris Olafson, Lisa Milroy and Hannah Manesh.
Benson’s interest in helping children with disabilities began in 1991 while he was still in public school. As a volunteer at an ErinoakKids sports program in Mississauga, he struck up a friendship with a boy named Robert who had cerebral palsy.
“We would trade baseball cards, play floor hockey and just hang out,” he recalls.  “Robert used a wheelchair, but it did not interfere with our relationship or our ability to have a great time.”
Now, with a healthy two-year-old son and another child due in December, he has vowed to raise $10,000 for ErinoakKids. To reach the goal, Benson’s team is donating a portion of each real estate transaction to ErinoakKids. Properties offered for sale by the Benson team now have a distinctive sign bearing the ErinoakKids logo and the words, “ErinoakKids Listing.”
“It’s all so near and dear to me,” he said. “And now that I have a young family of my own, I think it’s more important to be giving back. I want to raise my children to understand that we should give back to our communities.”

About ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development is Ontario’s largest children’s treatment centre, serving more than 13,500 children and youth annually who have physical and developmental disabilities, autism, and communication disorders as well as children who are deaf or blind. Our mission is to help our clients achieve optimal levels of independence, learning, health and well-being. Serving Halton, Peel, Dufferin — and, for some services, Waterloo and Wellington — ErinoakKids has approximately 600 staff and 10 sites from which we provide a comprehensive array of assessment, medical, therapy and support services that help children and their families. In 2011 the Ministry of Children and Youth Services approved a redevelopment project to enable ErinoakKids to consolidate its current facilities into three larger sites which will be ideally situated for easy access within our catchment area, and designed specifically for the care of children and youth with special needs.  The new facilities are expected to open in early 2017. For more information about ErinoakKids please visit
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Did you know?

Did you know that several studies suggest that 8-12 people per 1,000 experience severe communication impairments that require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)?

Read about Assistive Devices Resource Services at ErinoakKids

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