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Statement Regarding Staffing Changes

June 17, 2019
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development is one of the largest providers of clinically-based autism services in Ontario, and as such, has been significantly impacted by recent changes to the way the Ontario government funds autism services. 

Agencies like ErinoakKids are no longer funded to administer and deliver these services through the public sector, as we have done since inception of the original program in 2000, for successive governments. Instead, families of children with autism are being provided with a Childhood Budget, which they can spend with any provider of their choice. 
In order for our organization to be able to continue to provide much needed services to children with autism and their families in this new environment, we have had to make some significant staffing reductions, which were announced to staff today. These were very difficult decisions and we would like to thank all of our dedicated staff for the excellent care that they have provided to children during our time as a transfer payment agency for the delivery of autism services. 
We would also like to assure families that we are retaining a sufficient number of highly qualified staff to continue to meet the needs of both families who are currently receiving service from us and those who would like to purchase services from us as they receive their Childhood Budgets. ErinoakKids remains committed to helping children and youth with disabilities and special needs, including those with autism, grow, develop and reach their full potential. 

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