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2012-17 Strategic Plan

The ErinoakKids' Board of Directors approved the extension of the below strategic plan to 2017. Work is currently underway to develop the strategic plan for 2018-2022.

Launched in May 2012 and updated in June 2014, the ErinoakKids Strategic Plan will guide the actions of the organization through to 2017.  The strategic plan outlines how we are changing, adapting and evolving to remain at the forefront of our sector during a time of transformative change.  
Below you will find a summary of the Strategic Plan, including the Strategic Initiatives and Enablers necessary to the attainment of our goals to March 31, 2017.
The mission of ErinoakKids is to help children and youth with physical, developmental and communication disabilities achieve optimal levels of independence, learning, health and well-being.
Children and youth will reach their potential supported by a full continuum of integrated family centred services.
Accountability and integrity; collaboration; continuous learning; efficiency and effectiveness; family centeredness; leadership and innovation; professionalism; respect and trust.


Strategic Imperatives

Service Priority
1.1 Consolidate, improve and expand the integrated service model
1.2 Pursue opportunities for increased family engagement
1.3 Expand use of information technology to support service integration
On successful completion of the service goals families will access a continuum of integrated services utilizing an interprofessional approach focusing on quality of life, family engagement and community.  Performance indicators will include wait times, clear care paths with outcome measures, compliance with best practices, family satisfaction data and pre/post measures of interprofessional team functioning.
Leadership and Profile Priority
2.1 Continue to raise the profile of ErinoakKids and its clients
2.2 Continue to provide sector leadership and advocacy
Achievement of the leadership goals will result in ErinoakKids being recognized as a strong collaborative leader in the field of childhood disabilities in our community and beyond.  Performance indicators will include website visits, social media followers, alliances, requests for advice and consultation, committee memberships and speaking engagements.

Innovation Priority
3.1 Leverage technology for knowledge translation 
3.2 Continue participation in research initiatives
3.3 Maintain linkages with academic and research institutions
Successful achievement of the innovation goals will mean that staff will be able to effectively and efficiently access and integrate information related to knowledge translation, best practices and research as it relates to client service.  Performance indicators will include research activities and participation, student placements and use of information.


Organizational Development Priority
4.1 Pursue opportunities to maximize staff engagement
4.2 Provide opportunities for increased organizational intelligence
Successful achievement of the organizational development goals will maintain an environment of continuous learning and improvement by leveraging tools and resources to achieve individual and team performance objectives.  Performance indicators will include staff retention, professional development hours, accreditation readiness and performance appraisal scores.  

Resource Development Priority
5.1 Oversee the successful completion of three new sites
5.2 Enable and support fundraising initiatives
5.3 Pursue potential synergies with other organizations
Achievement of the resource development goals will mean that ErinoakKids will maximize all available resources and attain financial sustainability by delivering new and innovative programs to children and families who are in need of support.  Performance indicators will include financial data related to budget targets; cost savings and construction milestones.  

Did you know?

Did you know that 40% of children with hearing loss have additional developmental needs?

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