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Clinician Initiated Resources

This page houses resources from ErinoakKids clinicians, for use by children and families who receive services through ErinoakKids.

Assistive Devices Resource Services (ADRS)
Autism Services

Botox Clinic
Cerebral Palsy (CP) Neuromotor Clinic

Developmental Consultation Clinic
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
Infant Hearing Program (IHP)
Neuromuscular Clinic

Occupational Therapy (OT)
Preschool Speech and Language (PSL)
Physiotherapy (PT)
Service Navigation and Coordinated Service Planning


Assistive Devices Resource Services (ADRS)
Assistive Devices Resource Service - Welcome to the Assistive Devices Resource Service (ADRS) at ErinoakKids
Assistive Devices Resource Service Acronyms
ADRS Road Map

Free Internet Software - Resources
Assistive Devices Resource Service - Free Internet Resources Face-to-Face Communication
Assistive Devices Resource Service - Vocabulary Questionnaire

ADRS Equipment Purchase
What Happens After Purchase
Frequently Asked Questions face to face communication devices
Frequently Asked Questions Writing Aids

ADRS Equipment Loan
Equipment Loan Agreement

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Autism Services


Botox Clinic
Welcome to the Botox Clinic

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Cerebral Palsy (CP) Neuromotor Clinic
Chailey Sleep Diary
Chailey Sleep Questionnaire

Chailey Sleep Questionnaire Feedback Form
Cerebral Palsy (CP) Neuromotor Clinic

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Developmental Consultation Clinic
Developmental Consultation Clinic


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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
Information Processing and FASD
The Brain-Corpus Callosum-Impulse Control and FASD

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Infant Hearing Program (IHP) - Audiology
Audiology Services in Halton Peel and Dufferin

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Neuromuscular Clinic
Deflazacort Use in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Neuromuscular Clinic

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Occupational Therapy (OT)

Toilet Learning
Toilet Tracking Sheet

Play Suggestions for a Child with Sensory Sensitivity
Play Suggestions for a Child who seeks Sensory Experiences

How to Purchase a Commercially Fabricated Splint
Splint Care Instructions and Precautions
Bamboo Brace Purchase Information 
McKie Splint Purchase Information

ROM Stretching
Upper Extremity Active Ranging & Strengthening Exercise Home Program
Upper Extremity Passive Ranging Exercise Home Program

Fine Motor
Scissor skills
Scissors Skills Checklist
Bilateral Arm and Hand Activities
Pre-Printing Skills

Seating Clinic
ErinoakKids Seating Clinic Roadmap

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Preschool Speech and Language (PSL)

When You Don't Understand
Helping Children Learn to Speak Clearly
Speech Sound Practive in Everyday Activities
The Natural Speech Hierarchy

Early Language
Help your child use 2 word and 3 word combinations
Turn Questions into Comments
Imitate and Add Key Word(s)
Respond to Your Child

Expressive Language
Highlight Your Language
Give your child a word
Teach Object Function
Following Directions

Preschool Stuttering Parent Information Handbook
Stuttering Tips for Parents
What is Stuttering?
Fluency Severity Rating Home Assignment

JK Handouts
Word Finding Problems
Teaching Categories

Developing alphabet knowledge
Developing print awareness
Playing with syllables
Reading Tips for Parents
Story Telling

Social Skills
Shifting Attention - Coordinated Looks
Shared Attention for Requesting
Joint Attention
Tempt your Child to Communicate

Be a Part of the Play
Build Play Routines using People Games
Early Play with Toys
Pretend Play

Links to Hanen Parent Handouts

It Takes Two to Talk

ITTT Telepractice Individual Visit 1 Handouts
Individual Visit 1 - Our Goals for Individual Visit 1
Individual Visit 1 - Videotaping and Feedback 1 Summary
Individual Visit 1 - What Did You Think About Your Visit

ITTT Telepractice Individual Visit 2 Handouts
Videotaping and Feedback 2 Summary
What Did You Think About Your Visit

ITTT Telepractice Orientation Session Handouts
Orientation - Activities My Child Likes
Orientation - Communication Update
Orientation - General Information Form
Orientation - How to Complete the MacArthur
Orientation - My Child's Stage of Communication Development
Orientation - Welcome Letter for Parents

ITTT Telepractice Pre-Program Consultation Handouts
PPC - Child and Parent Observation Form
PPC - How to Complete the MCDI
PPC - Pre-Program Consultation Plan

ITTT Telepractice Session 1 Handouts
Session 1 - Home Plan Let Your Child Lead
Session 1 - Home Plan to Use in Any Session
Session 1 - Recognize the Best Times to Interact with a Discoverer

ITTT Telepractice Session 2 Handouts
Session 2 - Home Plan Follow Your Child's Lead
Session 2 - Preparing for Individual Visit 1 (Home Visit)
Session 2 - Preparing for Individual Visit 1 (Clinic Visit)

ITTT Telepractice Session 3 Handouts
Session 3 - Home Plan A Cue For Turns
Session-3-Mountain-of-QuestionsSession 3 - Home Plan B Use a Routine to SPARK an Interaction
Session 3 - Mountain of Questions

ITTT Telepractice Session 4 Handouts
Session 4 - Home Plan Add Language for Discoverers
Session 4 - Home Plan Add Language
Session 4 - Report Back Add Language for Discoverers
Session 4 - Trixie Cartoon
Session 4 - What Did You Think (Version 1)
Session 4 - What Did You Thing (Version 2)

ITTT Telepractice Session 5 Handouts
Session 5 - Home Plan Add Language for Discoverers
Session 5 - Home Plan Expressive Communication Goal and Add Language
Session 5 - Preparing for Individual Visit 2
Session 5 - Report Back Add Language for Discoverers
Session 5 - Strategy Reminder

More than Words

Orientation Handouts
1. Social Communication Checklist
2. Stages of Communication
3. Program Information
4. Program Schedule
5. Information about the Pre-Program Consultation
6. Interest in Participation
7. Video Consent Form
8. Communication Update

Handout: Session 1 Handouts
1. Home Plan 1 Follow Your Child’s Lead
2. Report Back to Include Your Child’s Lead
3. How to Include Your Child’s Interest
4. How to Interpret Your Child’s Messages

Handout: Session 2 Handouts
1. Home Plan 2 Keep the Interaction Going
2. Report Back 2 Keep the Interaction Going
3. How to Help Your Child Learn to Imitate
4. How to Intrude
5. Sensory Preferences Checklist
6. Video Feedback Visit 1 Information

Handout: Session 3 Handouts
1. Home Plan 3 ROCK in People Play
2. Report Back ROCK in People Play
3. ROCK in People Play
4. Goals in People Play
5. Choosing People games by Sensory Preference

Handout: Session 4 Handouts
1. Home Plan 4 Help Your Child Learn with Daily Routines
2. Report Back 4 Help Your Child Learn with Daily Routines
3. The Four Ss
4. Goals in Routines
5. How to Help Your Child Learn with Daily Routines
6. Video Feedback Visit 2 Information

Handout: Session 5 Handouts
1. Home Plan 5 Take Out the Toys
2. Report Back 5 Take Out the Toys
3. Teaching Toy Play
4. Toy Play Checklist

Video Feedback and General Handouts
1. Parent Evaluation
2. Video Feedback Visit Discussion Form
3. Video Feedback Visit Evaluation Form

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Physiotherapy (PT)

Left Torticolis Treatment Guide
Right Torticolis Treatment Guide

Physiotherapy Suggestions for Gross Motor Excercises
Physiotherapy Playground activities
Shoes and Boots for Orthotics (with pictures and prices)

Orthotists with clinics at EOK for parents

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Service Navigation and Coordinated Service Planning
COVID Emergent Socio-Economic Updates on Core Community Resources
Resources for Emergent Socio-Economic Needs
Respite Resources

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Did you know?

Did you know that by introducing your child to early life skills from ages five to seven (such as helping to make your child’s bed, tidy his or her room, unpack and pack his or her school backpack, and set the table and clear dishes at the end of a meal) is preparing him or her for the responsibility of expanded home and community-based life skills as a young adult?

Read about Occupational Therapy at ErinoakKids

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