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New online portals make life easier for parents

Paperwork is a necessity in everyone’s life, but even more so for a parent of a child with special needs. To receive funding, complete insurance requirements and more, organizing and submitting paperwork is a task unto itself.    

For years, parents had to fax or drop off documents to ErinoakKids – a difficult task when “popping out” to do this errand involves bundling up a child with special needs. They told us they needed an easier way. And we listened!  

In January, we launched a secure online portal for DFO (direct funding option) documents. Families who opt for DFO receive funding directly for autism services from a private service provider, and ErinoakKids coordinates the distribution of these funds. Not only does the portal allows families to easily submit their documents to ErinoakKids, it centralizes the process in the back-end, allowing for greater efficiencies.  

And earlier this spring, we launched a secure online portal for SSAH (Special Services at Home) documents. SSAH helps families pay for special services that help children learn new skills and abilities, or provide respite support to the family. Before the launch of this portal, families had to drop-off paperwork at ErinoakKids sites. Today, they can simply take a photo or scan documents through the portal.  

Since the launch of these portals, we have heard positive feedback from the families impacted. We will continue to listen to families and make changes to support them!
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