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ErinoakKids’ hand and arm therapy program for kids with cerebral palsy now in full swing

August 09, 2018
ErinoakKids’ summer Helping Hands program kicked off this week at our Mississauga site. The program uses Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) to improve hand/arm use in kids with hemiplegia, a type of cerebral palsy that results in weakness on one side of the body. The program helps children improve impaired hand and arm function through fun group games and art activities such as painting, treasure hunts and more!

As part of the therapy, a child’s unaffected arm is placed in a cast while a therapist IMG_8833.JPG
takes the child through a course of therapy. The therapy seems like play, but the cast forces the child to use the affected hand, and the exercise leads to improvement.
Originally introduced as part of the Helping Hands summer camp program at ErinoakKids, CIMT is now a part of regular service offerings, and has become recognized as a leading best practice in the profession.

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Did you know that a toddler gets your attention by pointing at what he or she is interested in and looking back at you at about 12 months of age?

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