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Thank you ErinoakKids volunteers!

 For four decades, the organization known today as ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development has cared for children with special needs who live in Halton, Peel and Bridget Fewtrell, President and CEODufferin counties.  And throughout those years we have relied upon the steadfast support of volunteers from those communities who help us in service to children and families.
Part of our commitment to those children and their families is to go beyond our government-funded services, to provide more of the services and supports those families need and deserve.  It is the support we receive from our communities, and in particular from the volunteers who selflessly give us their time and caring, that makes it possible to add this extra dimension to our work.
It is my greatest pleasure to see citizens from our communities pitch in to support us, and so during this National Volunteer Week, I warmly thank our amazing volunteers for giving the children the greatest gift of all: themselves.
Bridget Fewtrell, President and CEO
ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development

Did you know?

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