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What will happen to existing furniture and toys when we move? Will it go to the garbage dump?
Healthcare Relocators, the move company ErinoakKids has retained to help us move our equipment, files and other materials to our new sites in 2017, will be responsible for selling or donating furniture and toys that will not be used at our future sites. Rest assured, these items will not go in the garbage unless deemed appropriate.
Where will staff eat at our new sites?
As you  may know, our new sites will not house a cafeteria or other eatery because of space restrictions. However, as preparations begin to train and orient staff to our new spaces, communications will develop a map of our sites that will include local eateries and coffee shops so that you know what is available in the surrounding areas. There is also a staff lounge with café style seating and tables, microwaves, refrigerators and a fireplace, as well as staff terrace with outdoor seating and tables.
Are hoteling spaces in our new buildings bookable?
No, hoteling spaces in our new buildings will not be bookable. There will also be spaces where staff can have private conversations, or staff can book a meeting room.

Will the windows open at the new sites?
The majority of windows in our new sites will not open in order to comply with infection control guidelines and recommendations.  However, there are two locations where windows can be opened.  The first is in Respite bedrooms, as these are of a residential setting.  The second is in the Material Preparation area due to the equipment used and ventilation required.
Will there be a way to arrange carpooling for new sites?
At this point we don’t have anything official. However, we encourage groups to arrange carpooling or used the Classifieds folder on Outlook to make arrangements.
How many bins will each staff member get to move their stuff?
As you’re purging, please plan for one bin per staff member. There may be the option to have more, but we don’t know for sure at this point.
Will staff receive maps for the inside of their new sites?
The Staff and Volunteer Training and Orientation working group is putting together a Move Guide for staff. Maps of each location will be included.

Why are sites starting service on different days? 
We want to ensure we have as many supports at each site on the first day of client service as possible. By opening our sites on three separate days, this allows us to dedicate support to each site on its opening day.
Will there be “safe rooms” in new sites?
There are four safe rooms at each site. (does this need explanation?)
How does the FOB system work?
At our new sites, we won’t have FOBs. Instead, your ID badge will be programmed to provide access to all areas outside of Main Street. Staff will get their new ID badge in early 2017 in preparation for the move.

Will there be Recreational Therapists at each site?
There will be one Recreation Therapist in Brampton, and another shared between Halton and Mississauga.
Where are clocks located?
Clocks are typically located above the door in the majority of staff and clinical spaces. There will also be clocks in the waiting areas.
Will there be an opportunity for team building with our new teams prior to moving?
Yes! We’re still working out those details and will share information as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Will we be able to have plants in work spaces? 
Yes. The only exception is poinsettias, for health and safety reasons.
Will the toy cupboards be locked or set up so that clients can’t open them?
Yes they will be locked with a keypad lock.
When will contract staff find out which site they are assigned to? 
As their contracts are extended past the move date (May 1, 2017), they will specify which site the contract will be assigned to.

How will lunch rotations work for IBI staff? Will there be staggered lunches?
Yes. There will be staggered lunches.
Will all the clocks be synchronized?
Yes. Clocks will run off of a central system, which will ensure all clocks will be synchronized
Will phone extensions change?
Our phone number and extensions will remain the same. The only exception is the Scheduling phone number (905-855-3557), which we will be phasing out and diverting all scheduling calls through our main line. 

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Did you know that 37% of children with minimal hearing losses fail at least one grade?

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