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Infant Hearing Screening

Infant Hearing Check

On Tuesday, August 18, 2020 the Ontario government announced funding to support a Hearing Check for babies who did not receive a newborn hearing screening due to COVID-19. Understanding how important the Infant Hearing Program is to the development and wellness of infants, parents whose infants did not receive the newborn hearing screen can now have their baby’s hearing checked. The Hearing Check will be available for babies who:

  • are more than 2 months of age
  • have not received a hearing screening

The Hearing Check, which is designed for slightly older infants, is very similar to newborn hearing screening.  It is designed to identify babies who need to be referred on to an audiologist for additional hearing testing. The Hearing Check will be available in audiology clinics in the following communities: Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton and Orangeville. Parents will be contacted in the next few weeks and offered a Hearing Check appointment.  

Parents, click here for important information on Newborn Hearing Screening and the Hearing Check during COVID-19.


The Ontario Infant Hearing Program provides hearing screening for all newborns in hospital or in community settings. ErinoakKids is the lead agency for the Infant Hearing Program in Halton, Peel, Waterloo, Guelph-Wellington and Dufferin regions. Hearing screenings are provided for infants under the age of 2 months with the goal of identifying permanent hearing loss as early as possible. Early detection and intervention is critical for a child’s language development. here is no charge for screenings.This service is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Why do we screen babies for hearing loss?
Two out of 1,000 babies have hearing loss at birth. Two more develop hearing loss by the age of five. These children may hear some sounds but miss others, making it harder to learn speech and language. This can lead to academic, behavioural and emotional challenges. It is important to detect hearing loss as early as possible.  It is not possible for parents or most doctors to test a baby’s hearing accurately as this requires special training and equipment.

How is my baby’s hearing screened?
Hearing screening identifies infants who should have more detailed testing for hearing loss as early as possible. The technology used for the hearing screen is safe and will not hurt your baby. The tests are reliable, quick and give results right away. They measure the ear’s or brain’s response to soft sounds played in your baby’s ear and, if needed, may use small stickers placed on your baby’s head. 

A community hearing screening appointment should be scheduled for your baby if:
  • Baby is between 0 – 2 months of age
  • Baby did not receive a hearing screening at birth
  • Infant hearing screening done in hospital indicated the baby should be referred
  • Permanent resident of the province of Ontario
  • Live in Dufferin, Guelph-Wellington, Halton, Peel or Waterloo region

Did you know?

Did you know that by introducing your child to early life skills from ages five to seven (such as helping to make your child’s bed, tidy his or her room, unpack and pack his or her school backpack, and set the table and clear dishes at the end of a meal) is preparing him or her for the responsibility of expanded home and community-based life skills as a young adult?

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