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The Ontario Autism Program

On Feb. 6, 2019 the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services announced changes to the Ontario Autism Program. Please click here to read the announcement. Please click here to learn more about the new program on the MCCSS website.

ErinoakKids will continue to offer autism services at our three sites. Information on our new service offerings will be available in the coming weeks.

To upload DFO documents, please click here.
To upload transitional funding documents, please click here.

The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) provides evidence-based behavioural services that are flexible, individualized and based on a child’s unique needs and strengths. 
The key components of the new program include:
  • A single point of access. There will be one entry point to the OAP to make it easier for families to access services for their child.
  • Family-centred decision making. As key partners in their child’s care, families will be actively engaged in the assessment, goal-setting and intervention planning process for their child.
  • Collaborative approach to service. A foundation of the new OAP will be the collaborative approach taken by community support service providers, clinicians and educators to support children’s needs at home, during service and in school.
  • Service based on need. Services will be flexible and individualized. The intensity and duration of the services a child or youth receives is based on their needs and strengths, regardless of age. Each child’s service plan will be determined by clinical assessment.
  • A direct funding option. Provides all families with a choice between receiving direct service or receiving funding to purchase their child’s service.
  • Safe, effective autism services. The province intends to regulate ABA practitioners to help ensure families receive safe, high-quality services, have confidence in their providers and know where to go if they have a concern.
Autism Services are delivered in partnership with Kerry’s Place Autism ServicesKidsAbility Centre for Child DevelopmentWoodview Mental Health & Autism Services and Dufferin Child and Family Services.

For more information on Ontario Autism Program resources in your community, click here.

For more information on the new OAP, please visit MCCSS Website

Referral Criteria:
Children and youth birth to 18 years of age are eligible for OAP with a documented diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and live within the Central Region of Ontario, which is comprised of Peel, Halton, Dufferin, Waterloo & Wellington. 

To access this service, please contact Intake Services
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