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iCan Bike

The goal of iCan Bike is to teach children with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle and become lifelong independent riders. Children will use adapted bicycles and receive 75 minutes of specialized instruction each day.

Your child should:
  • be able to walk independently without assistive devices
  • be able to side step to both sides
  • wear a properly fitted bike helmet
  • not exceed the weight maximum of 220 pounds
  • have a minimum inseam (inside leg length) of 20 inches
  • be able to follow basic instructions in a group setting
  • be motivated to learn to ride a bike, and
  • be able to attend all 5 days
The following criteria is not mandatory but is valuable in your child’s path to success:
  • able to pedal a bike with training wheels independently or with minimal support
  • able to keep feet on pedals without straps
  • consistently responds to verbal “stop”
  • appropriately attends to their environment (i.e. scanning for obstacles, attending to their path while moving)
  • enjoys bike riding, motivated to learn to ride a two-wheeler
If your child does not meet one or more of the above criteria, please speak with your therapist about a referral to Recreation Therapy for further support.
Please note: Parents must attend an orientation on July 12 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. For the program itself, participants are assigned a 75-minute session which they must attend each day. (Upon acceptance to the program, clients will indicate their top three session preferences.)
Age: 8 – 18
Location and time:
July13 -17 (5 sessions, Monday to Friday)

Program fee: $150

Did you know?

Did you know there is more than one way to communicate?  Gestures, illustrations, pictures and words are all forms of communication.

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