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Tanisha KairsinghI’m Tanisha, I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist here at ErinoakKids, and I’ve worked here since 2010. I provide speech and language therapy, and speech and language assessment. Some of the children I support are under thirty months and they are receiving speech and language services only. And some of the children I support are preschool-aged children with multiple difficulties, so those are children that are receiving a variety of interventions from us, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, behaviour therapy, and social work services. 
ErinoakKids is a special place for me to work for two reasons. One would be the families that I work with, and the clients that I support. And the other is the people, the team that I work with is just outstanding. 
Above and beyond the call of duty, I’m a volunteer for the staff campaign. I was the co-chair and worked with our staff to fundraise to help our redevelopment project. 
I think we deserve the support of our community because we work tirelessly every day to help kids walk and talk, and play and make friends, and participate in their families and in their communities, and that’s not something we can do alone. We change lives every day, for the families and the clients that we support and we do need some support to get there.

Did you know?

Did you know that a fetus can access sound from the 25th week of pregnancy?

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