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ErinoakKids has been helping children and youth with autism grow and reach their goals for twenty years. Parents tell our staff all the time what a difference ErinoakKids has made for their child and for their whole family. Here are the stories that some of those parents have told us: 

“He was able to put his problem into words” 

A mother shared some of the progress that her son, NA, has made since he started participating in the Virtual Self Regulation group. She said that not only has he started to tolerate losing games at home with his younger brother, he is also engaging in much less challenging behaviours than he used to. His mother also shared that one day at school everyone had to be picked up due to an issue at school. He was upset because he was the last child to be picked up, so his teacher’s called his mom to speak with him. While on the phone he was able to put his problem into words (“All my friends are gone and I’m alone”), observe his feelings (“I’m upset and angry”), and came up with a plan (take a deep breath and count to 10). His mom reported that this calmed him right down and his teachers reported that he was great for the remainder of time that he had to wait. 


“She is now initiating conversations with her peers” 

Each week, NS is excited for her virtual sessions with Erinoakkids. These sessions have prepared NS for online schooling. NS’s teacher at school feels that she has improved a lot over the past year, including that she is now able to stay in front of the screen and attend to the teacher in the online classroom.  NS’s expressive language continues to develop, and she is now initiating conversations with peers and enjoys talking with others. NS’s mother says she is grateful for ErinoakKids continued support with her daughter. She said that being able to be part of the virtual sessions has helped her as a parent learn strategies to help teach NS different skills at home herself.