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Stories of Impact 

Your donation supports everything from therapeutic programming and equipment to provide the best client-centred care for our children and families at each of our sites. This is what some of the families who have received services from ErinoakKids have to say: 

“Our family first turned to the services of ErinoakKids when we were informed that our three-year-old daughter Jahleesa was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Her speech was severely delayed at the time and my wife and I had serious concerns about Jahleesa’s ability to communicate orally and how this might impact her down the road. From the very start of our journey, the staff at ErinoakKids have been by our side every step of the way to offer support, encouragement and guidance in a safe and caring environment. Jahleesa has responded well to this effective approach and her daily development and growth continues to pleasantly surprise us and has transformed our concerns about her future into excitement at all the possibilities.” 

-- Audley Stephenson, father of Jahleesa 

“The reason I donate monthly to ErinoakKids is because I was impressed by the Oakville location when I visited with my newborn for hearing screening. The gentleman who escorted us from the lobby to our testing room was someone who probably benefited from programs at ErinoakKids himself. It was very nice to see the opportunities that could be opened up for individuals with complex special needs with some additional support and services. 

Furthermore, browsing through the website I saw the multitude of services that are provided for the community and can see this benefiting and enriching the lives of many. As the mother of three young children I can see the value in all of these services and what they can mean to a family and that is why I choose to donate”

-- Karmjit, a monthly donor

“Our daughter Emma has spastic cerebral palsy. When she started services at ErinoakKids at the age of two, she could barely crawl. Now, Emma can move around independently with the aid of her walker, step up and down stairs, and climb up on the furniture! Without ErinoakKids, my family would still be wondering what our next move or option would be for Emma. The amazing staff has not only welcomed us into their wonderful family, they have also guided us every step of our special journey." 

-- Brian and Judy Lo, parents of Emma 

“Families of kids with special needs are under tremendous stress. They just don’t get a break. It’s amazing to know ErinoakKids means they have a place where they can bring their child and know that they’re going to be taken care of. With my daughter Sandy, we only had the option of hiring a nurse to come to our home – and the associated costs that came with it. It’s her legacy that inspires me to support ErinoakKids.” 

-- Karen Brannon, mother of Sandy and ErinoakKids donor 

“I retired from the ‘working world’ after a 40-year career spent in nursing, and then in education. Throughout this period of timeand also as the mother of a physically challenged daughter, I continuously witnessed and experienced the outstanding care and service provided by ErinoakKids to children, families, and schools.” 

-- Jane Fraser, mother and ErinoakKids donor 

“When we first meet our babies we dream of greatness for them. Great deeds, great happiness, great accomplishments, great lives. By the time we arrived at ErinoakKids these dreams were shattered. Replaced with hope. Hope for survival. Hope for comfort. ErinoakKids taught us to dream again, and provided a place to realize those dreams. New dreams, such as belonging to a community, inclusion and acceptance in the greater community. And those dreams evolved full circle, with the support of ErinoakKids, into different dreams, for great happiness, great accomplishments and a great life. Dreams that will be fulfilled due to all that ErinoakKids is.” 

-- Gillian Raymond, mother of Maya