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SSAH Funding Form

If you are receiving Special Services at Home (SSAH) funding for the current contract year, you can upload your invoices, parent forms, worker’s forms or void cheque below. Please read all the details below before proceeding.

SSAH Funding

Invoices are due the first working day of each month. Late invoices will be paid in the next month’s payroll. All SSAH contracts expire on March 31. For more information about the SSAH program, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and downloadable forms, please visit the SSAH page.
If you require balance updates or have questions about payroll please contact Maggie Dima at 905-855-2690 ext. 2467.
If you have any specific questions about the invoices, please indicate them in the comment box on the next page and we will get back to you.
Special Needs Worker/client confidentiality is essential. Any unauthorized disclosure of health care information or personal information about a client and/or a family may have serious consequences.