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Virtual Learning Hub

Download these child-friendly apps that have been selected by our clinicians for their ability to provide children with fun and engaging learning activities, games and puzzles. They are downloadable via the Apple App Store OR Google Play from a smartphone or tablet. The list begins with free apps, followed by apps with fees attached.
Autism Specific Resources/ABA Resources
  •   Videos, handouts, tips for reading with child, activities for at home (e.g. waterplay)
Coronavirus Social Stories and Resources

Social stories use pictures to communicate an activity.
Daily Living Skills
Interactive Activities/Physical Activity
Other Resource Lists
Print Books

These books are not available digitally, but are available for purchase online through some independent booksellers and Amazon

Sensory Activities
  • Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting – Bubble wrap is so fun to play with, and this ups the fun level! If your child doesn’t like the feel or sound of bubble wrap, consider alternatives, like paper towels

  • Foam Fireworks – For those children  who don’t like loud noises, bring the fireworks to them! This fun activity uses shaving cream and food coloring, two totally fun things that children will love to mix and get messy with!

Sensory Bottle
  • Add either liquids or solids or both into an empty water bottle and tape or super glue the cap on so it does not come off.

  • Liquids: Add oil, food coloring, buttons, sparkles and tape the cap into the bottle

  • Solids: rice, small toys, lentils

Social Skills Resources
  • Netflix educational programming, such as the Our Planet series, Charlie’s Colourforms City, Asks the Storybots, Word Party, Learning Songs, Tayo the Little Bus (note: subscription fees apply)

  • tvo mPOWER online games to support math and science (note: registration required)

  • tvo kids Youtube channel  Select content by grade, has language, math, and science

  • songs  Free library of songs, sorted by grade (note: registration required)

The external resource links are provided for informational purposes only. ErinoakKids is not responsible for the content, privacy policies and terms of use of websites to which we link. The websites listed are not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment, provided by a qualified health-care provider. 

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