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Infant Hearing Program Audiology Services

The Infant Hearing Program (IHP) provides audiology services for children who are registered with IHP (learn more about the specific criteria for this service below).

Audiologists are hearing health professionals registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

Audiology assessments identify the presence, nature and severity of hearing loss. If a hearing loss is identified, the audiologist will guide you through available supports and services, such as:

  • how the hearing loss may affect your child
  • how technology may help your child hear
  • what services and supports are available to help your child

Referral Process and Criteria

Referral Process

A referral is required to access IHP Audiology Services. Health professionals and families can complete our online referral form. For more details, please visit our Intake Services page.


Audiology services provided through the Infant Hearing Program are for children who:

  • have one or more identified risk indicators for hearing loss AND received a ‘refer’ result on Stage 1 newborn hearing screening
  • received a ‘refer’ result on the Stage 2 newborn hearing screening
  • bypassed newborn hearing screening because of a risk indicator for hearing loss
  • screened positive on the Newborn Screening Ontario risk factor screen for congenital Cytomegalovirus, meningitis or genetic markers
  • live in the regions of Halton, Peel, Waterloo, Guelph-Wellington, or Dufferin and are between 0 - 6 years of age with an identified permanent hearing loss

Children with a suspected hearing loss who received and passed the newborn hearing screening should be referred to an audiologist in the community for an audiological assessment. If the audiologist suspects or confirms a permanent hearing loss, referral to the IHP should be initiated.

List of community/hospital-based audiologists in our region

Start A Referral

Referrals will be reviewed and services will be determined based on your child’s individual needs.

Online Referral Form

Intake Services Page

HearOn Video Resources for Parents

The HearOn suite of learning videos were created with the goal of helping parents of children with hearing loss. Some of the recommended videos to watch include:

Visit the HearOn YouTube channel