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Medical Services

Pediatricians and developmental pediatricians on the Medical Services team offer consultation as well as the following specialty clinics:

Botox Clinic (with Trillium Health Partners)

Developmental Consultation

CP Neuromotor

NeuromuscularOrthopedic Clinic

Referral Criteria

  • Children 0 – 19 years with physical or developmental delay or disability (Does not include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disability (LD) or developmental coordination disorder (DCD) assessment/follow up)
  • Must live in Peel, Halton or Dufferin

Type 1Type 2
PT = PhysiotherapistMD = Doctor
OT = Occupational TherapistMSW = Social Worker
RN = NurseBeh T = Behaviour Therapist
SLP = Speech TherapistCIRT = Clinical Intake Review Team
SW = Social WorkerPS = Pediatric Specialist
N = Neurologist

Clinic NameReferral CriteriaWho Can ReferSpecial Requirements
Botox ClinicClients with spasticty and/or dynamic contractures that would benefit from Botox injectionMDInternal or external medical referral required. See Botox Clinical Pathway.
Clients with new or suspected Neuromuscular disorders who require assessment and on-going management

NutritionClients with physical or developmental disabilities who are failing to thrive, under or over-nourishedMD, RNInternal referrals only. Referral form signed by MD (for OHIP billing purposes)
Personal Care Program/NursingClients with physical/developmental disability requiring support for toileting, personal care, sexuality counselling, bowel/bladder management, g-tube management, skin care, nutritionPT, OT, SLP, MD, MSW, Beh T                        Internal referrals only
Rehab ClinicClients with physical/developmental disability who require acute therapy intervention post surgery, post Botox or post acute traumatic injuryPT, OT, MD, CIRTInternal referrals only. Completed referral form.
Splinting ClinicClients with physical/developmental disability who require a specialized upper extremity splintOT, MDInternal referrals only. Completed referral form.

A referral is required to access this service:

Intake Services