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Assistive Devices Resource Service

Assistive Devices Resource Service (ADRS) enables or assists ErinoakKids children and youth with physical, developmental and communication disabilities to maintain or improve physical function to attain their personal goals in the areas of augmentative and alternative communication, single switch access to computers, toys and electronic aids for daily living as well as seating and mobility.

ADRS aims to address assistive technology, seating and mobility needs of clients within their daily environments in collaboration with the child’s family mediator and multiple service providers. Professionals on the ADRS team assess and determine appropriate assistive technology or seating and mobility aids for clients, and empower families and school professionals to become experts at effectively and successfully assisting the child in the use of his or her identified assistive technology or system within their natural environment.

ADRS also provides information, mentorship and consultation on assistive devices and technology to ErinoakKids staff, clients and families, as well as to external professionals and community agencies.


Assistive Devices Resource Service is a consultative, assessment, caseload-management and mediator-based service.  The primary focus of ADRS is on home-based client needs. ADRS does not accept referrals for school-only based needs.

ADRS is accessed through both internal and external referrals initiated by clinicians in collaboration with families. A child typically must be receiving at least one ErinoakKids core (main) service to access ADRS. Children and youth who are not an ErinoakKids client, can contact the Clinical Services Supervisor of ADRS to discuss possible eligibility.

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Telephone: 905-855-2690
Toll Free: 1-877-374-6625


Did you know?

Did you know that the three smallest bones in the human body are the ear ossicles and are found in the middle ear?  All three bones are needed to transmit sounds from the air to the auditory portion of the inner ear (cochlea).

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