In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ErinoakKids has made changes to our operations. Please click here for the latest information.
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SBRS Information for Educators

ErinoakKids works collaboratively with our school board partners who can make a referral for School Based Rehabilitation Services (SBRS) that include Occupational Therapy (OT), Physiotherapy (PT) and some Speech Language Pathology (SLP) in publicly funded schools. The goal of SBRS is to support student participation in school curriculum. 

Each school will be assigned one team of therapists that may include an Occupational Therapist (OT), Occupational & Physiotherapy Assistant (OTA/ PTA), Physiotherapist (PT), Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and Speech & Language Therapy Assistant (SLTA).  

OT/PT services include consultation for safety, mobility, access and participation in school activities. Students with complex physical needs will have one therapy team for home, school and community. Home and in Centre needs for students with physical needs will now be addressed by the same OT/PT the student sees at school. 

SLP services include support for some speech difficulties. This includes articulation/phonology disorders, voice disorders and dysfluency.

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Occupational Therapy
There will be an occupational therapist (OT) assigned to each school who visits on a scheduled regular basis. The OT will be available to support classroom teachers in developing classroom strategies to support building fine motor skills, activities of daily living and sensory regulation. More direct therapy options will be available for students with additional needs. This may include either group therapy or direct 1:1 service.  Please visit the Occupational Therapy page for additional resources.
A physiotherapist (PT) will be assigned to each school to consult with eligible students, support equipment needs, mobility and participation in physical education and recess. Visit the Physiotherapy page to learn more.
Speech Language Pathology
Speech therapy (i.e., articulation, motor speech, fluency and voice) will be provided through ErinoakKids SBRS. Language services will continue to be provided through district school boards.

SBRS speech services may be provided through home programming, individual or group treatment with a Speech Language Pathologist or Speech Language Therapy Assistant. ErinoakKids has aligned all preschool services, including Preschool & Speech and Language and Early Development, to transition to the school age team in September of the year the student is eligible for Junior Kindergarten.

If your student is eligible for service, complete the online SBRS ErinoakKids referral form, which you can access through the Referral Form link near the top of the Intake Services page.

  • Each school board has a unique password. Please connect with your Special Education Resources Department to obtain the password for your board.
  • There are “Help tips” embedded within the online referral form for additional information, to provide guidance around which students are most appropriate to refer.
  • The online referral form contains a reference with the online id number you can keep for your records. You do not need to call our intake team to confirm receipt of a referral with this new online process.
  • We will only be accepting faxed referral forms until September 30, 2021.
  • School board partners no longer need to register for encrypted email, as ErinoakKids’ clinicians will use OneDrive to securely share confidential documents with personal health information (PHI). Regular email will be used by ErinoakKids clinicians for sharing non-PHI communication.
  • Each school will receive a list of waitlist/active SBRS students as well as a contact list for all therapists assigned to their school. A key clinician from your school’s team will serve as the primary contact for any questions you may have.

Who is eligible for SBRS?
School teachers can connect with their Special Education Resources Department and SBRS clinicians to discuss student eligibility.
When will my student receive service through SBRS?
Your student’s needs are important. Each referral is reviewed by the SBRS team and will be prioritized for service based on safety and access needs in the school. Students will be placed on the waiting list in the order that the referral was received. Waiting lists vary based on the type of service that is needed. Every effort will be made to have your student seen as quickly as possible.
Communication regarding SBRS
You can call your student’s therapist directly for any questions or concerns you may have.

For changes to student school or student moves with a new address contact Service Facilitation at 905-855-2690 (toll free 1-877-374-6625 ) and press 1.

For questions about when a student might be seen for active therapy, or when the next time a therapist is coming to your school, contact your therapy team.

For concerns/unique student situations contact the Clinical Services Supervisor responsible for your school.

Student absence policy
If your student will be absent from school, please contact your clinician as soon as possible.  We appreciate as much advance notice as possible when you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment so that we can give the appointment to another student.
COVID 19 screening
Our SLP, OTs, and PTs are part of a regulatory College that requires us to complete an active COVID-19 screening prior to seeing you student at school.  If we cannot complete this active screen, we will be unable to see your student at school for their scheduled appointment.
COVID-19 and Schools
We recognize that schools are operating under very different constraints this year. We are working with all of our school board partners to find the best way to safely provide services to students in these circumstances. In some school boards, this may mean services will be delivered virtually, in others services may be offered in person.

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For questions about referrals, please contact:

ErinoakKids Intake