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Behaviour Consultation Services

ErinoakKids strives to assist clients to achieve optimal participation in the life of the community. Challenging behaviours can interfere with opportunities to participate in experiences that are important for inclusion, growth and development, and/or limit an individual’s ability to benefit from these opportunities. Challenging behaviours  may also limit the potential effectiveness of therapy related to a child’s treatment plan.
Behaviour Consultants work with children, youth, and their families to increase adaptive, functional behaviours that will help clients achieve their goals. Behaviour Consultation Services may include parent and caregiver consultation and educational groups, as well as counselling and social skills groups for clients.


Children and youth may be referred for Behaviour Consultation Services if they are active clients with ErinoakKids and they are exhibiting challenging behaviours. Behaviour consultation services can help clients and families address issues such as:
  • Behaviour affecting ability to progress in therapy 
  • Behaviour interfering with family relationships 
  • Behaviour interfering with participation at daycare or school  (e.g., behaviours suggestive of separation anxiety or those that put the child/youth at  risk  of  losing a school/daycare placement, such as frequent suspensions)
  • Behaviour regulation (e.g., aggression, temper outbursts) 
  • Behaviour related to anxiety and/or trauma (e.g., emotional regulation) 
  • Bullying (bully or victim) 
  • Habitual non-compliance
  • Self-injurious behaviour/aggression toward others 
  • Sleep
  • Toileting 
A client must be receiving at least one ErinoakKids core (main) service to access Behaviour Consultation Services.
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Did you know that toddlers and young children like it when you get down to their level so they can see your face?  This tells them that you’re interested in what they’re doing and saying.  It makes it easier to interact with you.

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