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Infant Hearing Services

Infant hearing audiology services identifies the presence, nature and severity of hearing loss.

If a permanent hearing loss is identified, ErinoakKids audiologists can also prescribe and fit hearing aids to amplify speech sounds in order to make the most of the child’s remaining hearing.

Referral Criteria

  • Infant Hearing Program (IHP) audiology services focus on identification and treatment of permanent hearing loss and are provided only for children who meet IHP referral criteria (i.e. not all children who require audiological assessment are eligible to receive it through the IHP)
  • Children are eligible for Infant Hearing program diagnostic audiology assessment if they:
    • have no risk factors and receive 'Refer' result on Stage 2 infant hearing screening
    • have one or more identified risk factors and receive 'Refer' result on Stage 1 or Stage 2 hearing screening
    • receive a 'Refer' result at any one of the four surveillance intervals
  • Children 4-24 months with a suspected hearing loss who received and passed newborn hearing screening should be referred to a non-IHP audiologist for hearing assessment. If the child has a suspected or confirmed permanent hearing loss (as determined by an audiologist), referral to the IHP should be initiated
  • Children who have recently moved to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services Central West Region of Ontario may be referred to the IHP if they are between 0-6 years of age with an identified permanent hearing loss
  • Children identified with a permanent hearing loss are eligible for ongoing audiology services (e.g. re-assessment, hearing aid fitting and evaluation) through the IHP
A referral is required to access this service:
 For community/hospital-based audiologists, please click here.

Did you know?

Did you know that approximately three per 1,000 babies are born with a significant hearing loss?

Read about Infant Hearing Screening

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